About the Gardener


Hi, I’m Brian Holt.

I’ve been around gardens all of my life and a professional maintenance gardener for decades. Prior to that I was a school teacher, after graduating in 1980 at Mitchell College of Advanced Education in Bathurst.

After teaching as a casual for over a decade, I decided to pursue my passion for gardening and began Holts Prestige Gardens in 1993.

My work and view of gardens has had many influences.

Gardening runs in my family!

Both of my grandfathers were keen gardeners, with one of them working professionally as a gardener in the UK. My English grandmother, Evelyn, lived most of her life in her garden and she lived next door to our family home in Charlestown. When I was growing up, our family also ate a lot vegetables grown by my father (mostly Broad beans). So gardening is probably in my DNA.

Together with my wife, I have travelled overseas visiting many of the beautiful places and famous gardens of the world In Great Britain, Southern Ireland, Europe, Asia Minor, Scandinavia and Singapore. We also like to visit grand gardens and parks within Australia. The wonderful vistas and magnificent gardens we experienced have further inspired my love of gardening.

house with wide grass lawn
old photo

I am a creative person with a broad range of interests and most of these are creative or they inspire creativity; including my love of gardens, art, music, photography, wilderness and the natural world. These all tie together and help to influence my work. I see what I do as an art form, whether it be beautifully trimmed hedges, the way plants are arranged in a garden or the inclusion of items in the garden which add interest.

The gardens and properties where I have worked, over more than two decades, range widely, from industrial and commercial sites, to residential gardens and places, such as the park-like grounds of Bishopscourt; the residence of the previous Anglican Bishop of Newcastle. These have all presented different challenges and added to my practical working knowledge and wide ranging skill set.

Something which needs to be considered when looking at the value which I represent, is the efficiency with which I work. My first business logo was a line drawing of a running clock. That represented what I’m like fairly accurately.

This will all sound like just a bit of bragging until you see me working. I’m thin, agile and extremely fit. I work very hard and fast, achieving a lot in an hour; with the advantages of excellent equipment and years of experience. At the same time, I’m very focused on fine details and neatness.

Many businesses make a lot of claims about what they can do. A major point of difference for my business is that I can show you what I have done, with multiple examples.There have been several garden makeovers, with some fairly major transformations, as evidenced on the garden makeover page on this website, which I hope you will enjoy viewing.

tulips in london
hedge trimmed

I’m able to offer you my skills and knowledge in all aspects of garden maintenance; including effective weed control, hedge trimming; rose care, lawn care and planting out of trees and shrubs, along with the ability to take neglected gardens and turn them into beautiful spaces.

The results of my work speak for themselves. However, I have testimonials from many grateful clients. But I also offer you unrivalled commitment, reliability, attention to detail, creativity and efficiency. These are things which set me apart and produce results which also set me apart.

My own beautiful gardens are a great source of personal enjoyment and a place where I can unwind.

You can see them featured on Holt’s Prestige Gardens Facebook page, along with hundreds of other garden images and albums. And you are most welcome to LIKE  that page, where you can find regular garden tips, quips and pics and even ask questions about gardening. Don’t forget to click on the word ‘LIKED’ after you have and then click on ‘Get notifications’.

You can be confident, when you engage me as your gardener, that you will receive the best of care backed up by many years of hands on experience from someone who actually enjoys gardens.

Whether you require basic garden maintenance, or a garden makeover, you will find that I’m happy to help you. And if your gardens present a bit of a challenge, I’m also your best option.

So if you live in the areas of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Maitland, give me a call on 0412680398.