Gardening Tips

Winter is a Great Time in the Garden

About now a lot of people will be retreating indoors and they’ll possibly stay there until spring. On the 1st September, many will emerge from hibernation, blink at the sun and utter ‘Crikey! The gardens!’ if that sounds like you, I have great news; winter gardening can actually be productive & enjoyable. And once you’re […]

Drought Proof Gardening

You may be a bit worried about how your gardens are going to cope with the hot dry weather this summer, given that it’s been dry for ages already and now we have water restrictions here in the Hunter. You can either battle on, hosing as often as you can and racking up massive water […]

HOLTS now available in Cooranbong

Do you live in Cooranbong NSW and need the services of an experienced gardener? You can now have the benefit of Newcastle’s most experienced gardener to help out with your gardens. Up until now I’ve considered it a bit too far away but I’ve had a change of mind. And that change of mind was […]

Major hedge trimming at Eleebana NSW

Murraya & Buxus hedges and shrubs after trimming at my customer’s garden in Eleebana. The previously overgrown Murraya hedge and Photinias were given a hard cut back with secateurs, loppers and the chainsaw last September and the Murraya have had their first formal trim now, in January.  It was a lot of work but the […]

Summer Pests and Diseases

  During the hot humid weather of summer, your gardens are potentially at risk of all kinds of pests and diseases. Humidity brings on a lot of fungal diseases, such as Powdery Mildew. This will target plants like soft leafed vines, such as Cucumbers, in your vegetable patch. It also affects a number of ornamentals, […]

How to be a successful gardener

Excerpt from ‘NEWS CHRONICLE HOME GARDENING’ (1940’s); (Which belonged to my grandmother): “It is always being said that the ’knack’ of gardening can’t be acquired – one is either born with it or must go through life without it. Nothing of the sort. Whether it’s your first attempt or your thousandth, do what needs to […]

Lemon tree care

I planted my Eureka lemon tree 30 years ago in my back yard. It’s not in the ideal position because of big gum trees being within 10 metres but it’s not doing too badly. Ideally they need full sun and well drained fertile soil, with with a good layer of mulch. Something you should know […]

My orchids

Welcome to my first blog post! The main idea behind the blog is to show you my gardening world and offer ideas that you may like to use for your own gardens. I’ll be including a lot of photos and experiences from my own gardens and from gardens I maintain in my work. There will […]


It’s always a good idea to top up mulch on gardens if it is a bit thin. There are many benefits for your gardens. Talk to us about the best mulch for your situation.