Regular Garden Maintenance by Holts

These are gardens that I regularly maintain or have maintained. I’ll keep adding to it, though there is a lot of them. They all have a few things in common and the first thing is that they used to look terrible but now look good

These conifers at Eleebana were a major trimming exercise. They’ve since been reduced in height so maintenance is now reduced to 20 minutes from the 2 to 3 hours it once took
Rooftop garden Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle. The addition of hardy, attractive plants have made this a much more attractive and low maintenance space. When HOLTS took over the maintenance, there were only the Cycads. Everything else has been planted by me
Jane’s Murraya hedges in New Lambton need regular trimming to keep them looking like this. They now look like a large green garden wall that sets off the rest of the property
My own gardens are a private and tranquil space which gives me a lot of personal enjoyment
Two hours a month is all it took to keep these rental gardens in Valentine looking green and tidy. The green waste bin was always full after a visit. The customer was so pleased she wrote a great review
Tough conditions needed some tough plants to enhance these native gardens in this large commercial property at Gateshead
Just about every weed in the world makes an attempt to Take up residence in these commercial gardens at Gateshead. HOLTS have maintained these gardens since they were installed and they continue to grow and develop, without weeds
This new variety of Crepe Myrtle and the Gazanias beneath it were planted by HOLTS in these East Maitland gardens. Both are drought tolerant plants suited to this hot dry area, so they are doing well with no care or watering since they were established
Glenda’s gardens in New Lambton Heights were a weed infested mess. After removing plants and all of the weed infested soil, new sun tolerant, colourful plants have made this place look very cheery
Speers Point gardens are kept weed free and neatly trimmed. Even the lawns are improved. It was a weed infested mess but not any more
The owners of this Thornton residence love the neat and tidy look. Weeds are gone, plants are healthy, lawns are green, gardens are mulched and regular servicing keeps it that way
These gardens in East Maitland require rose maintenance, hedge trimming, weed control and lawn maintenance. The results of regular garden maintenance over several years have made this the loveliest looking property in a fairly prestigious street
This very large commercial property in Gateshead has been continually maintained and improved over 8 years by HOLTS. Neatly trimmed shrubs and lawns make the office building an attractive space.
The view of the Eleebana gardens matches the beauty of the outlook and the elegance of the home. It wasn’t always that way but HOLTS have turned it from mess to impress
Glenda’s gardens in New Lambton Heights after a huge makeover. Everything is hardy, cheery and low maintenance
Peter’s gardens at Elermore Vale have been continually improved to the point of being unrecognisable compared to what they were. Now the gardens are like outdoor rooms that complement the lovely look of this home
These roses grow beautifully here, due to their ideal conditions in East Maitland. HOLTS can advise you about the suitability of plants for your gardens
These hedges and Conifers were in no shape at all in this Elermore Vale garden. It all looked very untidy. Now everything has been formally trimmed and the garden soil is improved and mulched. Elsewhere dry weedy gardens are now tidy with new colourful easycare plants
After removing unsuitable plants, Hibiscus were added to these gardens in Valentine. They add a contrasting dark green and lots of very colourful flowers.
Gardens at Thornton are regularly weeded and trimmed. Mulch has been added and some new plants will lend a bit more colour
Meg’s gardens in Wallsend are small but very classy. Weeding and some fancy trimming make this front yard a show stopper
I don’t take on many lawn mowing jobs but the maintenance of this commercial property includes mowing. There were inappropriate trees planted here which were removed and replaced, so that this expansive green lawn will live on for many more years
These commercial gardens in Gateshead are kept so neatly that positive comments have been made by the truck drivers, visiting management from Sydney, the other staff and an auditor. One comment was that it looks like a garden wonderland
There used to be a virtual lawn of grass growing among these plants in this New Lambton Heights garden. Persistence has changed all of that. It now looks neat and the deep rooted grass has been meticulously removed over time from amongst the roots of a densely planted garden. New shade loving plants grow happily under the back deck.
Peter’s gardens in Elermore Vale are now surrounded by lawns without lawn weeds. Each year the Bindii, clover and broad leafed weeds are reduced. All of the gardens are mulched, with very few weeds and much less watering needed. HOLTS provide a regular 2 weekly service at this location. Needless to say, Peter is very happy and he wrote a very positive review for Holts Prestige Gardens as a result
I love growing plants in containers and this is a view of my own courtyard gardens as they were a while ago. I’ve since opted for more Terracotta pots but the idea of dressing up a plain space with a portable garden remains the same
Peter's Photinia hedge was planted by HOLTS and the results speak for themselves. The variety, spacing of plants and light tip pruning will result in a perfect bushy hedge
These Eleebana gardens include Small Ficus street trees which are formally trimmed. Originally they were not trimmed, with a lot of dieback. Keeping them in rounded shapes requires a lot of skill;the kind that over 22 years of experience will bring
The story of these gardens in Hamilton South are a common theme that reads like a fairy tale ( but it’s all true ). The gardens were in a mess, like Sleeping Beauty. Along comes Holts Prestige Gardens who hack through the mess and revive the gardens. So now it’s paradise, with neat hedges and very few weeds. As long as Brian Holt keeps calling by, these gardens will live happily ever after
These gardens at Mayfield were so full of weeds and overgrown, crowded plants that you’d never recognise them if you’d seen how bad they were. The owner is delighted with these now very pretty, low maintenance gardens
These gardens at East Maitland include the wonderful standard roses which you can see here. The pruning these require is actually very minimal. They should never be pruned back to a few lonely looking twigs. As a result of proper maintenance they regularly look like this. So it pays to get good help, which is why our slogan is ‘We Can Help’ — in Maitland, New South Wales.