A professional, knowledgeable and diligent operator. Highly recommended.
Trent Bartlett
Technical and Continuous Improvement Manager, Tip Top Newcastle
Holt’s Prestige Gardens have now been servicing our garden and it has truly never looked so good. The garden and lawns are now always tidy, well maintained and look fabulous, leaving us with a lot more time on the weekend. There are no organisational hassles, the services are regular and without any effort on my part which makes it all very easy.
Whitebridge, Lake Macquarie
We appreciate the fact that you come when you say you will and when you are here you give us value for our money.
Maralyn & Carl Jeffery
Thornton, Newcastle
Brian has been caring for my garden for several years and I’ve been happy to recommend his services to others. He is extremely reliable, thorough and hard working and sees the role of garden maintenance as requiring his creativity as well as labour. Over time he has significantly enhanced both the appearance and ambience of my garden and is always ready to provide advice about plantings to support the overall effect of the garden.
Kathleen De Flon
Valentine, Lake Macquarie
We are extremely busy running our own business. Before we employed Brian Holts services our gardens were just too much for us to look after. Now the whole family gets to enjoy our lawns & gardens without having to spend our one day off a week mowing, weeding and trimming. Brian has turned our gardens into something to admire, a far cry from the overgrown bunch of plants previously on display.To make the most of your spare time, call Brian, we are sure you will find it worth it.
Tony & Michele
Eleebana, Lake Macquarie
I would like to acknowledge and thank Brian for an amazing job over the last 2 days. He has literally transformed my entire garden to help me prepare the house for sale. He worked tirelessly after I called him in on very short notice. Every cent well spent as I’m certain this will add thousands to my sale price. The garden looks better than it ever has.
Emma Tobin
Rankin Park, Newcastle