How to be a successful gardener

Excerpt from ‘NEWS CHRONICLE HOME GARDENING’ (1940’s);

(Which belonged to my grandmother):

“It is always being said that the ’knack’ of gardening can’t be acquired – one is either born with it or must go through life without it. Nothing of the sort. Whether it’s your first attempt or your thousandth, do what needs to be done at the right time and in the right way and the results can’t be anything else but completely satisfactory. Ofcourse, you know a friend who has ‘merely to stick a thing into the ground for it to grow’ But he only seems to possess some magic power with plants; in actual fact he’s just a knowledgeable man who takes pains, starts right, goes on right and finishes right. Half this world’s gardening mishaps are due to concluding some jobs with; ’There, that’ll have to do.”

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