My orchids

Welcome to my first blog post! The main idea behind the blog is to show you my gardening world and offer ideas that you may like to use for your own gardens. I’ll be including a lot of photos and experiences from my own gardens and from gardens I maintain in my work. There will be a wide variety of garden stories, with ideas and pictures of vegetable gardening, fruit trees, ornamental gardens and a lots of arty things that I usually put up on instagram. I hope you like it. And if you’re into instagram, you can find me there as ‘the.artist.gardener’

My first story is about my orchids.

My dad used to grow orchids as his hobby. When he died, I inherited some of them and I’ve been gradually becoming orchid wise ever since. I’m not an orchid fanatic and I don’t have a great variety but there area few nice ones amongst my collection. I now have a couple of spots in my garden where I keep them in pots. I chose spots which receive good light but also offers shade at crucial times of the day. Orchids need good light in order to flower. They also do better growing crowded in pots. They get a good watering every few days in the warm weather. It’s important for them to not be constantly saturated, or they’ll become diseased and attacked by mealybugs. They can handle dryness for a while but don’t push your luck in the hot weather.

Here are a few nice pics of mine